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If you are a teacher, we invite you to contribute to the AI-COSMIC project’s surveys on coding and artificial intelligence.

    The European project AI-COSMIC framed within the Erasmus+ call, started last November and is formed by a consortium of six partners: Bright Horizons, Croatia, Atermon, The Netherlands, Universidad Técnica de Riga, Latvia, Asserted Knowledge, Greece, Alteredu, Italy together with Inercia Digital, Spain.

    AI-Cosmic aims to familiarise primary school children with the 5 big ideas of artificial intelligence through gamified learning activities and introduce them to basic coding skills that are aligned with their level of knowledge and education, promote coding and artificial intelligence in schools, improve the digital skills of teachers, enrich the variety of education in the STEM field, making it more attractive among young students, filling the gap in the EU job market by fostering a career in programming.

    Last November we held the first transnational meeting of the project to establish the work plan and achieve the following results:

    • The AI-Cosmicon Guide, which will serve as a handbook to help teachers introduce the subject of coding to their students. 
    • The AI-Cosmicon, a Minecraft game that will provide a hands-on approach and introduce students to complex coding concepts in a simplified and fun way.
    • A virtual community for teachers and students to promote continuity of project results, collaboration and constructive discussions in the field of AI, coding, ICT and STEM.

    We are currently working on the first result and in order to elaborate the AI-Cosmicon guide we need to collect information, for which we are conducting a teacher survey to find out what knowledge they have about artificial intelligence and coding. Click here to take the survey

    If you want to know more about the project, you can contact us at or through our social networks: